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I am a new cake decorator.

In this site you can see few of my decorated cakes for Friends, Family and some of them are decorated for classes and in my cake meet up group.

I am looking forward for your comments on my site!

Thanks for visiting and Happy Decorating!

Hobby: Painting, Traveling, Making Friends, Arranging small parties, Making Poems, Cooking, Sharing things and feelings with friends and family.

Love to listen Tabla.

Last year completed French Pastry and Baking Course.
Of course love to decorate cakes and pastries.

Favorite Links
Here's a list of some of my favorite Cake Sites:

I just gathered some words with Two Cake Decorator friends, they love to make a quick rhymes.

You both are like princess of poem
But listen, I can make a little rhyme!

One-cup butter,
Two cups sugar,

Mix it together until fluffy,
Let me tell you all recipe.

Soda, salt, baking powder,
Sift it well with Three cups flour,

One-cup milk and Vanilla Flavor,
Blend it all nicely together.

Add four eggs one by one
Here is your batter all done.

I can bake, I can make,
It's just a 1 2 3 4 basic cake.

- By Archana
Good to know you too!
Cakes by Archana!