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2007 NC Cake Show and Competition Pictures

2008 NC Cake Show and Competition Pictures
2007 NC Cake Show and Competition Pictures
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I am so excited to share with you one of the greatest event of my life.

I entered in ICES Cake show and competition, Special Occasion Tiered Cake in Adult Advanced Division.

There were lots of Division and categories, hundreds of cakes and each and every cake was unique. I have learn a lot from Teen to Pro. That was really amazing experience.

ICES members are so sweet and very hard working. They were on their feet from morning to late evening. Thanks to each and every ICES member and Judges from bottom of my heart.

One of my cake decorator friends Melissa won first prize on her division. She is with me in one picture.

And..... I just got First Place Ribbon in Adult Advanced Division, Special Occasion Category and also got Best of Division Ribbon.

It is unbelievable, surprising thing for me, my feet are still not on the earth :-).

I am so happy that I was able to show what I want with this cake theme. I worked so hard and really really happy to get those prizes.

I hope you all will like my WINNER CAKE.

Thanks for watching.

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Cake Theme -

Diwali - The Indian Festival of Lights

"Diwali" is derived from the Sanskrit word called "Deepavali".

"Deepa" means 'Light' whereas 'Avali' means 'row'.

Hence Diwali literally means a 'Row of Lights'.




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